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Financial Aid Programs Available for Qualifying Students

Sometimes we hear from prospective students who think that they can’t afford our training. They wonder how they will pay for schooling, when they don’t have a big savings account. National Training, Inc. is partnered with Wells Fargo & Company and Jax Federal Credit Union. Speak with your local credit union or financial institution to get more information about their low institution loans. National Training, Inc. does not participate in any Federal Title IV programs. But if you are interested in training with National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School (HEOS), you don’t have to pay for tuition from your savings. Instead, we offer financing for all potential students who would be acceptable for hire into the job for which they want to train.

Special Funding Available to Cover Costs for Certain Students

HEOS also accepts funding for students who qualify for special financial aid programs offered through government and private programs. To learn more about these, please click on a link below:

Please contact our Admissions Department at 800-488-7364 for more details on qualifications and types of tuition funding available.

Types of Tuition Funding Available

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